About MeShaurya Gahlawat

Hi! My name is Shaurya Gahlawat. I am a Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Professor, Relationship Expert, Consultant, Counselling Supervisor, Writer, Media Contributor and a Mental Health Speaker. Reading and writing is fuel to my soul. I love weight lifting, pilates, watching small town comfort TV, attending live stand up comedy, taking long walks with my dog and exploring our gorgeous nature! This year I received the Distinguished Alumni of the Year Award by Christ University.

My Story

My interest in psychology and psychotherapy stems from my own struggles of navigating through multiple life challenges, complex relationships and my passion to understand and help people. As a child, everything about the human mind and behavior would fascinate me. A few years ago, when I started seeing my therapist, I realized I would never forget how she made me feel- heard, seen, understood, unconditionally regarded, cared for and supportive in making the changes I wanted to. I knew that is exactly how I would like to make another person feel- whether it is my therapy clients, my counselling supervisees or my counselling psychology students. Each day, I feel honored to be a fellow traveller in the life journeys that my clients, patients and mentees undertake.


I studied my under graduation at Hansraj College, Delhi University and my post graduation (Master of Science in Counselling Psychology) at Christ University. I also hold a PG Diploma from MICA in Digital Marketing and undertook an Executive Program from XLRI in Industrial & Organisational Psychology. I am now a life member of the Counselors Council of India.

Additional Certifications

● Treatment Strategies for Mood and Anxiety Disorders by American Psychiatric Association
● Mental health care for self and public during COVID-19 by American Psychiatric Association
● Suicide Prevention by QPR Institute
● Existential Well Being Counseling by KU Leuven
● Existential Therapy by Irvin D. Yalom
● Mindfulness and Resilience to Stress at work by The Greater Good Science Centre
● COVID-19 Preparedness by World Health Organisation

My Style

I am an existential therapist working through the person centred lens. My approach is collaborative and experiential. I focus on cultivating a safe therapeutic relationship with you, where you can explore your true self and practice living a life according to your personal values. I cultivate a non judgemental, empathetic space for you to listen to your inner self and be compassionate towards yourself and others. Together, we consciously work towards the life you want to build.

In my counselling & psychotherapy practice, I act as your mirror, reflecting back to you what you give me, in a more meaningful way. I ask questions to know you more and to help you know yourself. I discuss with you, the patterns and connections I notice which sometimes are hard for you to see because you are too close to them. Trauma informed, client centred and queer affirmative, I focus on understanding all your life aspects- your past, present and your future.

Theoretical Orientation

The major modalities I use are the:

1. Psychodynamic therapy- Insight driven, this school of psychotherapy helps you understand yourself, what has happened to you, why you are the way you are and how you are relating to your present life and circumstances or the influence of your past on your present. The goal is self awareness and emotional growth.

2. Existential therapy- Responsibility driven, this school of psychotherapy helps to work through life’s anxieties, accepting responsibility for your choices, finding meaning, building healthy relationships and living authentically. The goal is exploring your personal values, being in sync with your true self and building your life your way.

In therapy, I believe in teamwork- where you and I collaborate to understand you, and help you help yourself. The most important aspect of therapy to me, will always be our therapeutic relationship. This relationship is built on trust, focuses on your well being & growth and gives you a platform to be completely yourself.

While starting out our therapeutic/ counselling supervision work, to maintain regularity and for our work to be effective, I recommend the frequency of sessions to be at least once a week, preferably the same time each week. However, how often you would like to see me is completely up to you. I have an online calendar which makes booking a session easy, convenient and hassle free for you.

Who I work with

I offer therapy and coaching online to Indian adults between the age of 20- 50, globally. I work with all genders.

What I work with

While I work with most life and mental health challenges, the most common are:

● Anxiety
● Depression
● Relationship conflicts
● Trauma
● Grief and loss
● Self identity
● Self acceptance
● Premarital counseling
● Attachment

● Boundary setting
● Romantic breakups
● Separation / divorce
● Career changes
● Burnout
● Body image
● Eating Disorders
● Lifestyle changes
● Personal growth and development

What you need

I work online, over video calls. Hence, you can be anywhere in the world and all you need is high speed internet, a well functioning web camera with a microphone.

If you have any further questions, you can visit my list of FAQs or e-mail me and I would be happy to help!


Srinithi Raghuraman, Counseling Psychologist

Shaurya stands out for me as a passionate learner and a patient listener. As a fellow peer, I’ve seen the amount of effort she puts in to always deliver the best to clients. During our various training sessions, I would wait for a chance to work with her because of how thoughtful, balanced and understanding she is. So much that I always feel positive, renewed and inspired after talking to her. I wish her all the best.

Saee Deshpande, Counseling Psychologist

Each post on Shaurya’s mental health blog seems to have an impact on the audience viewing it. Through her posts, she spreads a very positive energy among the people and that is the major strength and uniqueness of her Instagram account and content. This type of work surely takes a lot of effort but it portrays her dedication towards the community. Her work as a mental health advocate is great! She is being and bringing change in the society. A lot of love and wishes her way.

Swati Gupta, Counseling Psychologist

I have known Shaurya personally and as a peer for two years. I consider her one of my closest friends and can speak with confidence that she will be a great addition to the therapists in our field. She is a patient listener and always has a comforting presence. She is a supportive friend, confronts/offers the hard truth when necessary and allows me to experience my emotions fully, when I need to. She offers her opinion, when asked and doesn't inundate a person with uncalled for advice. As a peer, she is always curious, asks questions, thinks critically and wants to learn. That is the best kind of person that you want to be surrounded within a learning environment, because it propels community learning and mutual growth. I feel grateful to know her in both these spaces (as a friend + as a peer) and I look forward to supporting her in her professional and personal journey in any way I can.

Megha Oram, Counseling Psychologist

In our first semester, we had to write an assignment on what we consider most important for our professional development. After the submissions, our professor praised Shaurya for her writing and asked her to read it out to the batch. She had talked of “failures”. I was delighted to hear her life story and how she progressed. I was intrigued with her different and energetic vibe. I have seen her to have evolved a lot. By the end of our course, she was supporting all the batchmates, acknowledging them, showing interest and connecting with everyone. The amount of work she does before sessions, inspired me to take up additional reading. Some of her Instagram posts are really nice and I have saved some for myself. Her live sessions are enjoyable and I want to read more looking at her reading lists. From publishing articles to being a panelist at discussions, she tries every platform for mental health advocacy. I once watched a video in which the Psychologist said "a good therapist spends most of the time outside the session" and I think Shaurya does that. I love the way she takes her holidays seriously. Her self care is on point! She is living up to her name.

Gopi Krishna, Counseling Psychologist

I always find Shaurya to be analytic in different things. Her perspective is very impactful to her clients during her psychotherapy process. I have learnt a lot from her. Her Instagram page lights up my brain with more information! It helps people see themselves differently and helps me with my counseling sessions as well. She is an organised professional and many people are benefitting through her work. I always wish her the best in her career.

Ryan Stephenson Singh, Counseling Psychologist

I have known Shaurya for two years. Seeing her put in so much dedication and hard work into gathering knowledge about psychology, counselling and psychotherapy makes me so happy as a friend and a peer, who is super excited to see her grow. During training sessions, her questions and inquisitive mind made me think about so many things being taught to us and how we should be asking questions about things we do not understand and be open to new knowledge without the fear of what others will think. Doing simulations in the 1st semester where we barely knew anything but still managed with what we had showed me how talented she is. She would amaze me with her listening skills and her ability to empathize with those around. Her ability to understand and console the ones around her was always felt and I feel that now, those abilities have just grown the way she has. She has evolved multifold as a professional. Her therapeutic assessment is visible where she cares about the client, thinks rationally and looks at a plan which would not only benefit the client but also be comfortable for them. Her knowledge, thinking pattern and insight into aspects of cases or clients which has been missed by all other trainee counsellors including me has always amazed me, as to how she was able to catch this aspect of the client and how she was able to think from another perspective. From having case discussions to seeing her give feedback on other cases shows the knowledge which she has acquired. Her insight has been a useful tool and helped me with my clients as well. I hope she keeps on growing and becoming a better version of herself with every passing day. I am very proud to call her my peer and friend as well as someone I had the privilege of starting this journey with and seeing all her growth.

Jasprit Kaur Kalra, Counseling Psychologist

While so many might know Shaurya as a good therapist, an aspiring author, amazing content creator, a professional counselor, a friend or as a phenomenal human, I still remember a girl bold enough to be the loudest and the most rational student in the class. As a colleague and a fellow counselor, I have learnt so much from Shaurya and through her content. When she started her professional account, I was jealous and I am human enough to accept that. But I also knew that she is putting in real effort for what she is doing, which I don't want to right now. It helped me make peace with it. Over time, her Instagram posts have helped me so much and I like to believe that I contribute when she asks questions on her stories and I learn when she answers the questions her followers ask. As a fellow counselor, I know that in my professional practise, I would refer people to her when I think they need someone with more expertise.
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