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Hi! My name is Shaurya Gahlawat. I am a Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Professor, Relationship Expert, Consultant, Counselling Supervisor, Writer and a Mental Health Speaker. My work is customised and centred around your needs and goals. To work with me, you can be anywhere in the world. All you need is high speed internet and a well functioning web camera + microphone. I aim to be your fellow traveller in the journey of working through life’s anxieties, coping with challenges, increasing self confidence, building healthy relationships, finding meaning and living authentically.

I’ve also had the pleasure of being featured by Vogue, Huffpost, Cosmopolitan, Hindustan Times, ABP News, Fever 104 FM, The Quint, Dainik Bhaskar, Social Ketchup, Livemint- HT Media, The Established and other platforms and podcasts.

I currently offer counselling, psychotherapy, coaching and clinical supervision services online over video calls. If you are struggling with mental health and life issues like anxiety, depression, past trauma, relationship conflicts, romantic breakup or separation, grieving a loss, body image concerns, burnout, career changes or want to work towards personal growth and development like inner child healing, exploring self identity, enhancing self acceptance, you have reached the right place.


Counseling & Psychotherapy

I am committed to help you navigate through life changes and challenges. I offer a personalised, non judgmental and empathetic platform to help you rediscover your inner self. Suitable for people who want to experience a self awareness journey with a therapist. Open to Indian adults worldwide!

Online Self Paced courses

I have designed each course with workable tools and worksheets which you can access at your preferred time and pace. Grab your favourite beverage and get ready to undertake a journey of growth. Suitable for people who want to experience a self awareness journey individually. Open to adults worldwide!

Workshops & Webinars

My interactive workshops are psychoeducational and aim to equip you with practical and sustainable life skills. Each workshop is designed to work on one challenge or life aspect at a time. Suitable for people who want to experience a self-awareness journey. Open to adults worldwide!

Online Therapy

Online therapy (also referred to as telehealth, teletherapy or internet-based/ cyber counseling) is psychotherapy/ counseling over an internet medium. The treatment is the same as the traditional in-person counseling, irrespective of the terminology or medium.

Online therapy is for you if you:
● want to overcome geographical constraints of selecting your therapist
● have to socially distance due to COVID-19 or otherwise
● lack transportation
● want to avoid the hassle of commuting
● live in an underserved area
● travel often
● prefer the comfort of your own space

To work with me, you can be anywhere across the globe. All you need is high speed internet, a well functioning web camera with microphone and a safe space you feel comfortable in. I am proficient in English and Hindi.


*Aishwarya, 21, Rourkela

From November 2020, I started having anxiety. Everyday, from the time I woke up till I went to bed, I would constantly feel anxious. A single whatsapp message sound was enough to trigger my anxiety. Things started becoming bad to the extent that I had suicidal ideations. After I started attending sessions with Shaurya, I started to look at everything from different perspectives. I learned how to calm myself whenever I felt anxious. Sessions helped me get back my self confidence which I had lost. I started to value myself more and even challenged myself by doing things which previously caused me anxiety. Now I don't have suicidal ideations. I even look forward to every minute of the day and try my best to enjoy every single second of my life. Sessions with Shaurya helped me to stand back on my feet and I am really grateful for that. Thank you so much.

*Nisha, 22, Delhi

I am in awe of her skills. As a psychology student, I could see all concepts of counselling I've read till now in books come to life like magic. How does she write so many notes, process what I say AND come up with a perfect response all at the same time?! She accurately understood my world and gave me the most insightful homeworks. The fact that they were not pep talks but actual evidence based and personalised tips which are ‘tangibly’ helping me, is highly appreciable. I believe we shared a perfect counsellor-client fit and she often made it to my daily gratitude lists. I’ll remember her for life and I have shared everything about my life with her so deeply, but still it is a professional relationship. It’s my first experience with something like that. I am immensely grateful that my first experience with therapy was with her. I cannot reduce my experience with her to a quantity or number, but I’d say that if there was a rating scale to rate it here out of 1-10, I would give it 11! Never did I feel once that she is imposing her views or advice on me. She was always a mirror reflecting my experiences in a much more meaningful sense. All this has certainly helped me grow in areas of improving my self esteem, being present, being less anxious, taking career decisions, understanding other unhealthy patterns etc. Probably caused much unease and internal turbulence too, but I believe it will make me question everything and live authentically based on my true self and not what I am expected to be.

*Hemant, 25, Gurgaon

My cousin shared Shaurya’s IG story about the therapy sessions. It was the start of a new amazing year and what better way to start it than starting with therapy sessions. I am so glad everything happened and I sent her the email. From the first session to last my self-confidence, my perspective, my calmness grew. At first just like everything I didn't know what was going to happen but she made me comfortable and at home. I shared my goals, my understanding of things, my past which not even my close friends know. These three months I always felt she was my best friend helping me through thick and thin. Her exercises helped me understand more about myself, finding my peace, expressing myself, and being comfortable in talking about anything and everything. She is the first person to whom I showed my drawings. I will always cherish these 3 months as I believe this will start the chain reaction of better things to come. Thank you, my therapist, thank you for everything.

*Sneha, 28, Secunderabad

One day while skimming through instagram I found Shaurya's page. Initially I was quite attracted to the fact that the therapy sessions were on a *pro bono basis* but later on as we progressed I realised that Shaurya kept adding value to every session. At the end of every session, I would reflect upon all my takeaways and I started realising that somewhere deep down I started off with my healing journey. A few takeaways are- (1) I had an instant connection with her which made me feel so comfortable throughout my healing journey.(2) I felt like I had a listener who was acting like a mirror image helping me uncloud my vision pertaining to the problems I had faced. (3) She comes across as someone who isn't commercial at all. She genuinely wants to invest her time in our wellbeing. (4) The prompts on her IG page are so relatable especially the ones on self love, burnout, signs of growth and many more. I'd recommend her to anyone who wants to work on their mental health. She will definitely help you channelize your energy in the right manner.

*Deepali, 28, Delhi

Out of sheer luck, I read a story on shaurya's instagram page which talked about upcoming therapy sessions by her. I wanted to experience therapy for as long as I remember and luckily got a slot. Shaurya is my first ever therapist and I have been very lucky. We have had just a few sessions but I can see the impact her sessions are having on my personality and I am sure there is a long way to go. She has helped in empowering me and made me realise the things and patterns in my life which should be worked upon. I really look forward to her sessions and they work as a safe place to share all my issues which are bothering me. Would definitely recommend her to anyone who wants to work on themselves , have a better life mentally and have peace within themselves.

*Ruhani, 27, Noida

I never thought following a "Suggested Account" on Instagram can make such a difference in my life. I contacted Shaurya when I was going through a very difficult and uncertain phase, and I certainly feel a shift in my approach towards the same/different issues. In our first session, she told me how she's going to help me by acting as a mirror of my thoughts and feelings, and I honestly didn't realize that was going to be so beneficial. It was my first time in Therapy and with Shaurya, the entire process of acceptance, working on myself, and being able to deal with my problems seemed very easy. She was the one who made the process easy. Looking back, I can see myself being emotionally and mentally evolved and she deserves all the credit! And moving forward, I know I'm always going to carry on her learnings and an unbiased perspective with me.

*Shekhar, 26, Pune

I was going through a painful breakup and sessions with Shaurya seemed like a blessing in disguise. I had never been to therapy before and was very apprehensive about attending one. But I decided to go ahead and I can say that it was certainly one of the best decisions of my life. She managed to help me process my emotions and gave me so many valuable lessons. I felt happy and relieved to let my feelings out to someone who's willing to listen and empathize. She's thoroughly professional and extremely skilled. I like how in each session, she emphasizes more on listening to her client and at the same time always gives her valuable input whenever the client demands it from her. I strongly recommend anyone looking for a therapist to schedule an appointment with her, and I can assure you that you won't regret it.

*Rita, 36, Gurgaon

Having consulted and been treated by various senior psychologists and therapists from hospitals like RML (Ram Manohar Lohia) and others, I can confidently say that my experience with Shaurya has been the best so far. She displays a deep sense of understanding and empathy that I really appreciate. I've been wary of sharing my experiences in sessions before Ji but she made the sharing easy and comfortable. I like that she doesn’t try to control or steer the conversation too much, rather focusing on asking follow up questions and listening. I've been able to introspect much better thanks to the mental space I've been given. And thank you Shaurya, for sharing the worksheets to help me cope better. For her age and experience she has great wisdom and intelligence and I wish her the best in her career.

*Vidhi, 22, Mumbai

I am really thankful and grateful that I found Shaurya in a very unexpected way through Instagram and decided to give it a try as I never had taken these sessions before and was very unsure if I should or not. And if I need these or I don't. She really makes me feel very comfortable and is kind all the time. It never feels like I am having a session or talking to someone I don't know already. Thank you for making me feel that way all the time. Even though we've had a very few sessions till now, it is helping me in ways I never could think of. You make me see things from the perspective that I never could have alone. I realised little things that I alone would never have. Everyone who has you as their therapist is really lucky, including me 🙂 Thank you so much Shaurya.

*Varsha, 27, Hyderabad

This is the first time I have taken therapy, and with Shaurya. I was very nervous about it. But it felt easy and comfortable to talk to her as the session started. The focus has been shifted from being anxious to do anything to start working on the things everyday to make a change. There is still lots to work on but I am grateful that I have started the journey with her. Thank you so much for helping me, Shaurya.

*Gitanjali, 26, Delhi

I came to know about Shaurya from a social media friend, and I can never be more thankful to both of them. Having battled stress, anxiety and depression for very long, she came at the right time in my life, to guide me and help me. She is too comfortable to talk to and really I really hope that I find myself and my way out of all the chaos. Last four weeks I have looked forward to our sessions and even looking for more. She is like a bright ray of hope. Thank you Shaurya, and alot more power to you!

*Sonia, 23, Hyderabad

I found our session very cathartic, and I'm surprised at how she captured the essence in a very short span of time. This clicked very well with me. I have not felt the same kind of validation before, and it makes sense because she is the specialist here! Therapists don't literally have magic, but I believe some magic lies in tried and tested ways that we have known so far that have led people to live their best lives despite the odds. This is so refreshing because all I have been exposed to so far is advice and motivation - which is no substitute for therapy and the immense heavy lifting I have been doing. Thank you so so much, Shaurya! I look forward to our journey .

*Misha, 21, Delhi

I am very grateful for Shaurya, for the whole journey we've shared. I've felt good for a prolonged duration after years in my life and this feeling comes with meaning and isn't superficial and I'm thankful to her for that. I'm glad I chose her as my therapist, the kindness and support I've felt in our sessions has been unmatched. She is teaching me a lot. I'm a better person because of the work that we've been doing together. Her way of making me question things on my own rather than giving just straightaway answers has worked tremendously well for me and I can see myself doing exactly that in different aspects of life and it is working great for me. The work that she does comes with such a huge responsibility and she handles it with such grace, making it look so easy, it just amazes me to no extent! :') I'm more than happy to work on myself with her and improve more.

*Vikas, 29, Pune

The things I like the most about sessions with Shaurya are - (1) Patient listening, (2) flexibility in scheduling, (3) unbiased opinion, (4) thoughtful follow-up materials, (5) calm approach, (6) reasonable pricing, (7) quick implementation of feedback.

*Shreya, 21, Ghaziabad

A therapist plays many roles in the life of their clients, like with Shaurya, after 3 sessions only, I feel the connection of a dear friend/ elder sister or a teacher when she by understanding the things that I say makes them clear to me about what exactly it is or what it can be. I know it is a part of her work but then I will say that she is pretty great at it. And I wish nothing but the best for her.

(*Name changed to protect privacy)

ABOUT MEHello! My name is Shaurya Gahlawat.

I am a Psychologist, Coach, Mental Health Writer and a Public Speaker. I live and work in India. I am a dog lover and a huge fan of exploring what nature holds for us, across the globe.

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