Mental Health Resources

I have created the below Mental Health workbooks to help you take care of yourself, be in touch with your emotions and focus on good health and overall well being. These are absolutely free of cost.

Journaling has multiple benefits, for a person’s mental and emotional health. To make sure a daily journal is accessible to everyone, this journal is absolutely free of cost. It has been been created to help you be self aware and in touch with yourself.

This workbook helps you focus on your well being. With a combined list of self affirmations, self care worksheet, a “not” to-do list, an anxiety vs truth chart and much more, this is your perfect companion to spend some time with yourself to rest, reflect and recharge!

Suicide is a leading cause of death; however, it is also one of the most preventable. As a mental health counselor, I observe and realize the importance of Suicide Awareness, Prevention, and a Safety Plan. Ideally, each person and household should have a mental health crisis management strategy in place.

This document is a preventive insight to refer back to, when you/ someone you know may be at a risk of self harm/ suicide. It offers awareness on warning signs, a safety plan, self soothing strategies, information about crisis helplines in India and some long term suggestions to help you take care of your mental and emotional health.

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